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Paul McConnell
Local 800

With 30 years of Industry experience, I have worked at every level and position in the Art Department and have apprenticed with many still-active Designers. In the course of wearing so many hats, I’ve learned how to run a department that is efficient, trim, and above all, well prepared. The goal is always to decipher the unique parameters of a project, and deliver a visually compelling frame that serves the story being told, while fulfilling the needs of our client. I’d like to think that planning ahead, staying on schedule, problem solving, and collaboration across departments are some of my strengths in that regard.

I am above all a problem solver and a planner. Once I accept the challenge of the work, I take a rigorous approach. I have a background that is as broad as the Art Department. As a result, I am a very hands-on Designer, from budgeting to props, special effects to construction, from the decorating to the set design and shot blocking. I collaborate well with Directors, DPs and other keys. Frankly it’s what I most enjoy about the process. I also approach the work honestly and if there is something that I’m not comfortable with, or if something is out of my wheelhouse I will let you know. I look forward to an opportunity to work on challenging projects with new collaborators, and hope you would keep me in mind when the right situation presents itself.




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